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Polymer Sealant Gallon

Polymer Sealant Gallon
Polymer Sealant GallonPolymer Sealant Gallon
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Product Description
A Polymer Sealant has the longest protection of any modern wax. The complex, cross linked polymers protect paint and metal from UV damage while leaving a slick finish. It is the best solution for vehicles that are only waxed once a year. There is no better protection for motor homes, trailers, boats and aircraft.

Hi-Temp's Terminator Paint Sealant is also an important addition to the Rolite aluminum three-step restoration process. After hours, or even days of work, why would you want to leave the finished project to the elements?

A single application will protect metal, fiberglass and painted surfaces from future UV damage (oxidation). The sealant's specialized polymers that can seal all metals, paint, and plastic surfaces.

A polymer sealant is an ideal add-on service for auto dealerships or detailers. It may be sold with a warranty as a superb, long term protection for new or used vehicles.

Application is easy and fast. We recommend foam finishing pads and an Orbital Polisher for large jobs. It can be easily be applied be applied by hand on a car or cycle.


Application Tips:

  • Prepare a smooth, flaw-free surface using appropriate polish, leveler or compound, depending on condition of paint.

  • Apply Terminator by hand or with an orbital polisher on a small area at a time (2' x 2' by hand, 3' x 3' by machine).

  • Squeeze a small amount of product on foam pad and spread across the area. Low speed on machine. Do not rub "into" surface.. instead, rub "across" the surface.

  • Let dry to a haze and gently buff-off with cotton towel, diaper or smooth surfaced microfiber. Do not use a microfiber "looped fiber" towel.

  • Allow Terminator to cure for at least 36 hours before shampooing. Only use shampoos formulate not to remove wax.

  • Carnauba paste waxes and spray polymer waxes may be applied on top of the sealant for added depth of shine and extended durability.

    Many thanks to Phillip Houck of Clarkston, GA of for sending the beautiful photo of his handsome Ranger pick-up. Philip has been a long time user of the Terminator Sealant, as well as one of our best customers.
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