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303 Windshield Washer Tablets

303 Windshield Washer Tablets
303 Windshield Washer Tablets
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Product Description
Add a 303 Windshield Washer Tablet to a gallon of water.. bingo.. instant washer fluid! No more fumbling with those big containers. Keep the tablets in your glove box to use at any time.

The Strongest Super-Concentrated formula on the market. 5 to 10 times stronger than the leading formula but still safe, economical and biodegradable. Engineered safe for rubber and paint. Save money while seeing better and driving safer!

303 Instant Windshield Tablets are super-concentrated and especially formulated to completely remove road film, dirt and grime, while leaving windshields sparkling clean. They are non-toxic, biodegradable. 303 Tablets effervesces in plain water, fizzing and bubbling until completely dissolved, leaving the reservoir filled with a beautifully blue, quality windshield washer cleaner.

303 Tablets may also be added to "anti-freeze" type premixes to provide the strong cleaning power most premixes lack. Each 303 Tablet makes up to one gallon of cleaner. Each package contains 5 tablets, enough for 5 gallons of fluid.

Most windshield washer fluids contain methanol, a very toxic compound which cannot be made non-poisonous! What's more, their containers cannot be recycled. Please, read the product labels and try to avoid purchasing unsafe products. 303 Tablets keep your windshield sparkling clean and are safe for people and the environment.

Application Instructions:

  • Add 303 Tablet to reservoir of clean water. Each tablet makes up to 1 gallon of cleaner, sufficient to treat the average windshield washer reservoir.

  • Use 1 tablet per 1 gallon of water for Normal Strength. For Optimum Strength, use 1 tablet per 1 to 3 quarts of water. This strength is extremely effective on insects and the best cleaner for "Love Bugs" (1 U.S. Quart = .95 liters).

  • For Reservoirs with Screens, you may remove screen, crush tablet and drop through screen, or mix cleaner in a separate container, then pour through screen.

  • You may add isopropyl rubbing alcohol to the 303 washer fluid mixture in freezing temperatures. 4 oz. of rubbing alcohol to 1 quart of 303 mixture will protect to 26 degrees F. 8 oz. to 1 quart protects to 23 degrees F., 12 fl oz. to 1 quart protects to 7 degrees F.
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