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Extreme Cut Leveler

Extreme Cut Leveler
Extreme Cut Leveler
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Extreme Cut Leveler

Extreme Cut Leveler


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Extreme Cut Leveler


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Extreme Cut Leveler


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Product Description
Scratch & Oxidation Remover

Nothing short of phenomenal. Extreme Cut Paint Leveler can remove up to 600 grit sand paper scratches and acid rain etching (craters). It can even take out the most severe oxidation.

The best part.. Extreme Cut Leveler performs all of these miracles in a single step. There are no ugly swirl marks from this product. It turns a complicated, multiple compounding process into one. Simply Amazing! Extreme Cut remains creamy throughout the application process. No dusting, no marring, no clumping! This is without a doubt, the easiest and safest paint restoration you'll ever use.

Extreme Cut should be applied with a rotary polisher and a foam polishing or cutting pad, or our DuraStrand "foam strips" pad for oxidation removal. This is a serious flaw remover. Take your time, keep the polisher between 1,100-1,500 rpms, and avoid vehicle edges or anywhere the paint is thin.

Extreme Cut may also be used with a professional orbital polisher, but may take several applications to achieve the same results of a rotary polisher.

When the work has been finished, follow with a light cut polish and wax or a one-step polish/wax.
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