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357 Magnum

357 Magnum
357 Magnum
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357 Magnum

357 Magnum


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Heavy Cut Scratch Remover


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Heavy Cut Scratch Remover


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Product Description
This is our favorite Scratch Remover! In our opinion, this is Hi-Temp's best restoration product. We've never found a creamier, more consistent cutting formula. 357 Magnum (heavy cut) contains the most forgiving abrasives of any product in the industry, with some of these specialized ingredients coming from Germany.

357 Magnum remains creamy throughout the application process. No dusting, no swirling, no clumping! It is without a doubt, the best paint correction formula you'll ever use by hand or machine.

No competitive paint leveler can match the flaw-free finish this remarkable product produces. Not only does it correct serious paint problems, it's polymer beads leave a high gloss layer which makes an excellent base for the finish wax.

You can remove heavy scratches and restore heavy oxidation to a remarkable high-gloss. Light swirls? Magnum removes those as well. A very versatile product, 357 Magnum is so quick and effective, you can turn a time consuming, three-step process into just two.

Unlike old fashioned, gritty compounds, Magnum will not leave ugly swirl marks, so there is no need to follow with a polish, unless you prefer to add this step before you wax.

357 Magnum is also a great corrective polish for Plexiglass and other smooth, plastic surfaces. It will restore dull plastic to a smooth finish.

We suggest applying 357 Magnum with a rotary polisher and foam pad to remove serious scratches, an orbital for medium scratches and swirls, and a DuraStrand "foam strips" pad or wool for oxidation removal. If you don't have a polisher, Magnum can safely be applied by hand.

Hi-Temp's 357 Magnum gets raves from pros and auto enthusiasts alike. It has been a favorite for auto paint restoration for over 18 years. Follow Magnum with Hi-Temp Smooth Cut polish and the wax of your choice for the best possible finish.
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