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Aircraft Metal Polish

Aircraft Metal Polish
Aircraft Metal Polish
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Aircraft Metal Polish

Aircraft Metal Polish


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Aircraft Metal Polish


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Product Description
Our Aircraft Aluminum Polish is the finest metal POLISH you will ever use on your plane. It has always been a challenge to keep the leading edges of aircraft bright and free from buildup.

Aero "POLISH" not only delivers a bright shine, it will protects the metal. Aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, gold, silver, copper, brass and magnesium all benefit from this remarkable polish.

A paste polish is applied to small areas and cannot be left on the surface to day. POLISH may be applied to the entire plane surface, allowed to dry and then a quick dust-off to remove excess residue.

No more repetitive rub-on, wipe-off mechanics. No constant changing of tools, pads and towels. How is this possible? Aero Aircraft Polish particles gradually break-down, and become finer the more it is agitated. You begin with a metal compound that removes oxidation and eventually find you're working with a final polish that leaves a shine and luster you won't believe.

Eliminating laborious polishing steps while detailing aircraft is a welcomed gift to anyone. Polishing an entire plane in 2 easy steps, is awesome!
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