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Black Velvet Carnauba Wax

Black Velvet Carnauba Wax
Black Velvet Carnauba WaxBlack Velvet Carnauba WaxBlack Velvet Carnauba Wax
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Product Description
Black Velvet Carnauba Wax is the first of its kind. An entirely new generation of concours-quality Carnauba paste. Black Velvet not only creates the depth of color so well known by Concours enthusiasts, but it helps to cover scratches and chips.

Incredibly, this remarkable wax provides the same level of UV protection as our Trade Secret, Pizazz and P21S Carnauba waxes, but it also covers flaws. It gives black a depth unequaled by standard Carnauba formulas. It hides imperfections that interfere with reflection.

"I would like to say that Black Velvet is by far the easiest product I have used, to date. The wax is black in color, however it wipes-off colorless. I used ONE white microfiber towel for the entire car's two coats of Black Velvet. The towel was white when I started and white when I finished. I was amazed. Wipe-on in very thin layers. Let it sit for less than a minute, then wipe-off. The finish is amazing. I applied two coats of Black Velvet Wax to the Saab 9-3 Aero in the photo. Congratulations on developing a spectacular product for black cars."

Eduardo Perez

Imola Mystique Mobile Auto Detail

Dallas, Texas

"The Black Velvet Carnauba is the best I have ever used for a black car. After a couple of coats, I can now do the whole Caddy in 30 minutes....Thanks!"

Bob Ruggeri

San Rafael, Ca

Thank you, Eduardo and Bob! Yes, "Black Velvet" is the ultimate coating for black paint. Never has a black wax been formulated with this level of quality or quantity of Brazilian Carnauba. Never has a "high-end" Carnauba wax been formulated for exclusive use on black vehicles.

Black Velvet may be layered for ultimate depth and protection. Layering creates a coating that can be felt with your hand. A coating that changes the color of the vehicle. A coating that attracts the eye.

Application Techniques:

  • Always pre-clean the paint prior to using Black Velvet for the first time. All oxidation should be removed prior to application. (Do not use on older, non-clear coated paint)

  • Apply a very light amount of Black Velvet to a small area, using the foam applicator. This would be an area you can easily reach.

  • Wait until the wax forms a light haze. (The time will vary with the temperature and amount of air movement around you). Windy days make application and removal a "breeze!"

  • Gently wipe with a soft terry towel or cotton baby diaper. (Do not use terry microfiber towels to buff freshly applied wax, as these towels will remove the wax).

  • Properly applying Black Velvet will result in a perfect, streak-free gloss.

    Hint: Streaks may be caused by fabric softeners, using too much wax, improper cleaning of the paint, or waxing over unstable or old wax coatings. (We prefer appropriate polymer sealant products as a base).

  • Continue until all areas are covered. If you decide to layer the wax, allow it to cure overnight and apply the next layer the following day. The number of layers is up to you!

  • We recommend using a pre-wax paint cleaner before applying the first coat. This should be repeated twice a year on a daily driven vehicle. This removes the aged layers of wax and renews the paint for the process to be repeated.

    This product is VOC Compliant.
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