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Child's Seat Belt Positioner

Child's Seat Belt Positioner
Child's Seat Belt PositionerChild's Seat Belt Positioner
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Product Description

The Ultimate Seat Belt Positioner! "Rite Angle" pulls a child's shoulder belt away from their face and neck, down toward the chest. It re-positions the shoulder belt, while allowing the lap belt to remain snug across the hips.

With its unique design and attachment location, the seat belt positioner provides a natural fit that is both comfortable and correct. It's so easy to install. It attaches in seconds without using snaps or buckles.

The Rite Angle positioner has been thoroughly crash tested and proven incredibly strong.

Dynamic Crash Testing Results:

Objective & Intent:

  • To conduct crash testing using the Rite-Angle Shoulder Belt Positioner.
  • To determine its effect on restraint systems and their compliance with FMVSS 213 injury criteria over the range of its expected user age and weight.

    Methodology & Test Protocol:

  • All testing was conducted in accordance with the standard protocol specified in FMVSS 213 (including seat belt pre-tensioning, dummy configuration and clothing, environmental conditions, etc.)

  • Measurements, photographs, and other data were recorded to validate the testing parameters, as well as to document results.

  • Four different configurations of dummy/restraint systems were used not only to ascertain the absolute injury criteria measurements, but also to compare the injury criteria results from crash tests with the Rite-Angle Belt Positioner installed to those same results when the positioner was not installed.

  • In addition to the measurement of injury criteria, visual observations were conducted after each shot to determine what effect, the use of the Rite-Angle Positioner had on the seat belt restraint system.

    Observations & Conclusion:

  • Overall, with the Rite-Angle Belt Positioner installed on each dummy/restraint configuration, all injury criteria were well within the requirements of FMVSS 213.

  • The Rite-Angle Belt Positioner product showed no damage or structural degradation.
  • The product remained intact and in place, and did not produce any detrimental effects on the performance of the seat belt webbing.

  • Some slight indentations and/or fraying of the lap portion of the seat belt restraint occurred with the higher weighted dummies, but this was a visual appearance issue only and had no consequential effect on the injury criteria measurements.

  • Based upon the results of the dynamic tests conducted, the overall conclusion is that the Rite-Angle Shoulder Belt Positioner performs satisfactorily in its intended function without any significant negative effects on the performance of the restraint system itself.

    Seat Belt Proportioner Features:

  • Flexible, lightweight and extremely comfortable
  • Positions shoulder belt to correct area
  • Attaches in seconds. No snaps or buckles
  • Lap belt stays in proper position

    This is how a seat belt should fit your child!
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