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New Cyclo Pro Mark II Polisher

New Cyclo Pro Mark II Polisher
New Cyclo Pro Mark II PolisherNew Cyclo Pro Mark II PolisherNew Cyclo Pro Mark II PolisherNew Cyclo Pro Mark II Polisher
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Item #: CYC80-112C-RPH


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Product Description
The Cyclo Pro-Series Polisher with FREE SHIPPING!

The Cyclo Toolmakers Model 5-Pro, Mark II Polisher is our new 110 volt machine featuring a solid state variable speed controller, three year warranty and complete Vibration Elimination Systemô set-up.

This speed control enables the user to reduce oscillation when working in tight areas around brake pedals, car seats, boat railings, aircraft propellers, wing tip lights, side mirrors or door handles. Dial down the speed again to gently clean headliners, fine carpets and other delicate fabrics.

By adjusting the speed of this new machine you can meet performance characteristics of a wider variety of detailing products. A slight adjustment to the speed control dial, offers more capability without sacrificing performance.

What has changed? The principal change is the addition of a rocker-style power switch in place of a toggle switch and its placement out of the way to prevent users from inadvertently switching the tool off during use. With the new placement of the rocker switch, accidentally switching off should no longer be a problem.

Plus, the new switch reveals a bright red edge when switched on. With just a glance, you will know whether it is switched on or off before plugging the tool in to the electrical outlet.

Addressing it required creating a cast housing with a different shape to best accommodate the rocker switch. It works great! Everyone who has evaluated it for us have given it high marks. And because all three housings are now made with brand new molds, the fit and finish is terrific.

The change applies to all electric models, both single speed and variable speed ("-Pro" models). The prices all remain unchanged with this upgrade -

As experts in the mechanics of polishing Cyclo has continued to advance the design of their polishers/scrubbers to meet the demands of professionals.

Cyclo Mfg. Innovations

Vibration Elimination System. The first tune-able counterweight system that eliminates virtually all vibration. VES is available exclusively on Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polishers and includes a completely redesigned counterweight and precision-matched, weighted inserts. Select the proper VES weighted inserts for the intended attachment system configuration and eliminate nearly all vibration.

ProGuard Orbital Backing Plate. The one-of-a-kind ProGuard features an integrated hook pattern that eliminates the delamination experienced by other backing plates.

Advanced Variable Speed Controller. The advanced design provides precision control for a variety of applications.

Hand Made in the USA!

Each Cyclo Polisher is hand-built in the United States to exacting standards. The machines feature sealed steel ball bearings, hardened steel shafts and die cast precision machined 380 aluminum. Every polisher is expertly machined and rigorously tested to ensure the highest level of performance for years, even decades.

Model 5-Pro Specifications:

  • Power Supply: 115 Volts, 60 Hertz, 220 Watts
  • Motor: alternating current, semi-enclosed 24-bar commutator, Output: 1/3 H.P.(.25 Kw)
  • Variable Speed Range: 650 - 3000 orbits/minute
  • Weight: 6.5 lb. (2.9 kg)
  • Head Rotation/Diameter: clockwise/4"
  • Electric Cord: 10' length, 16 ga/3SJTOW
  • Housing: heavy-duty cast aluminum
  • Variable Speed Controller
  • Complete VES System

    Model 5-Pro Includes:

  • 2 Cyclo Velcro Pad Holders
  • 6 VES yellow, silver and blue weighted inserts
  • L Hex-Key wrench
  • Flat wrench
  • 3 Year Warranty!

    Notice: Top of the Line Includes the Velcro Pad Holders with our Cyclo Pro Polisher!

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