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Wash/Dry & Glass

Wash/Dry & Glass
Shampooing a vehicle is the first step in the detailing process. Contrary to popular belief, "dry-washing" is not a viable shortcut to a clean vehicle. You cannot rub a towel, brush or duster on a dirty surface without leaving light scratches. If you treat your paint like plastic, you'll be less likely to use bad judgment when cleaning. After all, modern paints contain acrylics!

Automotive paint can be also be damaged by improper shampooing and drying techniques. The wrong detailing accessories and towels can leave swirls, and some auto shampoos can strip the wax. Top of the Line has solved that problem for you. We have compiled an extensive selection of ultra-safe, car wash products and shampooing accessories.

Even the water itself can be a direct cause of water etching (permanent spots) on paint. If your water is hard or laden with minerals, our professional water filter will totally eliminate contaminants and chlorine from city and well water. Water spots on glass? No problem. We have a miracle polish that takes them out by hand.

If you take a little time to choose safe, carefully formulated products, half of your work is done. Not only will they create ease of mind, they actually perform with a lot less effort.

"Best Buy" Exterior Kit

Our Price: $79.95
Polisher Pad Cleaner

Polisher Pad Cleaner

Our Price: $11.95
Truck Cap  & Camper Brush

Truck Cap & Camper Brush

Our Price: $24.00