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Flitz Polishing Products

Flitz Polishing Products
Flitz Polishing Products


Flitz Polishing Balls are not like the cheaper "foam" polishing balls bought in discount stores or on television. These are made of heavy felt strips that will last for years and will cut your cleaning time in half!

Cars & Trucks: Aluminum, chrome, Plexiglas (wheels, diamond plate, running boards, grills, mirrors, gas tanks, exhaust pipes & tips, bug shields, light covers, convertible windows)

Boats: Fiberglass, Gelcoat, aluminum, Plexiglass (bow rails, hulls, windows, tower, hatches, props, trailers, diamond plate, wheels)

Motorcycles: Chrome, aluminum, Plexiglas (spoke wheels, engine castings, framework, exhaust pipes, wind screens)

RV's: Chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, Plexiglas (wheels, windows, light covers, diamond plate)

Aircraft: Aluminum, fiberglass, Plexiglas, stainless steel, Lexan (fuselage, spinners, propellers, leading edges, windows, lights)

Restaurants & Janitorial: Brass, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel (railings, chafing dishes, elevator thresholds, kickplates, door frames, bar tops, vent hoods, dispensers)

Household: Aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, glass, copper, natural stone, tile (tubs, showers, sinks, hoods, countertops, hardware, spas, grills, patio furniture)

Put the speedy, Flitz Balls on any drill or air tool. They whirl up to 2000 rpms, easily buffing out scuffs, oxidation, tarnish, baked-on brake dust, metal pitting and corrosion.

Flitz Ball Features:

  • Original design is made with soft Italian Viscose Fiber
  • Buff hard-to-reach areas in seconds
  • Use on any standard 3/8" or 1/2" drill, air tool, drill press & bench grinder
  • Great for textured, multi-level or smooth, slick surfaces
  • May be used with metal & paint polishes, waxes, bug removers, wheel & engine cleaners, tar removers, fabric & carpet cleaners, leather & vinyl cleaners
  • Machine wash & air dry
  • Re-use up to 30 times!
  • Use indoors or out, with no linting
  • Available in three sizes for a wide variety of polishing applications

  • Flitz Headlight Restoration Kit is an easy-to-use, 1-step process and is non-toxic. In a matter of minutes, it will remove the hazy, yellow, opaque appearance with like-new results. According to the company, the average time to complete the restoration of a head or tail light is 10 minutes or less.

    In addition to restoring headlamps to like-new condition, this same kit can also be used to restore clarity to plastic light bars, bug shields, plastic car and truck windows, plastic airplane windows, motorcycle windshields, and boat windows. One kit, many uses.
    Flitz Polishing Ball 6

    Flitz Polishing Ball 6"

    Sale Price: $11.50
    Flitz Motorcycle Detailing Kit

    Flitz Motorcycle Detailing Kit

    Sale Price: $22.00