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Foaming Spray Gun

Foaming Spray Gun
Foaming Spray GunFoaming Spray Gun
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Product Description

Gilmour Foaming Sprayer Apply foaming shampoos and other cleaning agents using our Foaming Sprayer Gun. This compact sprayer attaches to a standard garden hose, is durable and chemically resistant. It's made of rustproof polymer and brass, with a zinc-cored handle. A simple lever on the mixing head switches the solution from a set 4 oz. per gallon, to a clear water stream.

The pistol grip handle allows for easy application and a built-in anti-siphon device prevents back flow. This enables the return of unused chemical to the original container. The unit is equipped with a foaming tip and directional guard. It may also be used without the tip for a solid stream of your mix.

Why a Foaming Sprayer?

Soap "foam," as opposed to soapy water, improves cleaning by increasing contact time with dirt particles. Held in suspension, the foam cuts their bond to the surface, allowing them to be whisked away without scratching paint or plastic. Using a high-quality, concentrated shampoo, the Foaming Sprayer will cover a vehicle's surface in a blanket of foam.


Select a dilution setting that creates the most foam for your particular shampoo. Work on one section of the vehicle at a time. Slowly spray the foam over that area with complete coverage. Allow to set for about a minute, then agitate with a natural sponge or microfiber mitt. Rinse well and start on the next area. Rinse the entire vehicle when finished and dry.

Quick Glance Features:

  • Attaches to garden hose
  • Accurately mixes & sprays foaming chemicals
  • Foam generating wand creates thick, clinging foam
  • Detach handle for powerful spray rinse
  • For cleaning, degreasing or disinfecting
  • Increases surface contact time
  • Easy to fill wide mouth
  • Chemically resistant, polyethylene quart bottle


  • All motor vehicles
  • Trailers, campers & Boats
  • Animal runs & cages
  • Food handling and preparation areas
  • Institutional, industrial, or public restrooms, shower rooms, and locker rooms

    Operational Specifications:

  • Water Pressure: 40-90 psi
  • Output: 1-1/2 gallons per minute
  • Spray Pattern: fan spray or solid stream
  • Anti-Siphon: Protects water supply. (Note: a slight discharge of water from base of handle when water is turned off is normal and indicates anti-siphon is functioning properly.)
  • Standard Single Ratio: 4 oz. per gallon of solution
  • Customized Ratios: 1/4 oz. per gallon to 14 oz. per gallon depending on concentration of chemical.

    5 settings to fit your various needs
    1-128 1-64 1-32 1-20 1-10
    1 oz/gal 2 oz/gal 4 oz/gal 6 oz/gal 12 oz/gal
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