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French Press Coffee Mug

French Press Coffee Mug
French Press Coffee MugFrench Press Coffee MugFrench Press Coffee Mug
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Product Description
French Press Coffee On the Go! Planetary Design has revolutionized the century old art of brewing coffee and tea, via French Press. Their Double-Shot press mugs, are incredibly durable and equally impressive in their ability to retain heat for extended periods of time.

The patented double filtration system, modeled after a hydraulic cylinder, ensures that grounds will not pass through, creating the perfect brew of coffee or tea. Simply, pour hot water over coffee grounds or loose leaf tea, let steep, push stopper down and enjoy the best brew around. No need to pour into a separate container, you can drink right from the pot.

Additionally, the Double-Shot was designed specifically for the commuter. It fits into most vehicle drink holders and includes a built-in storage container in the bottom to carry enough coffee or tea to brew 2 more cups! The mug presses are ideal for the coffee or tea connoisseur on the run. Choose from five colors.


  • 18/8 marine grade stainless steel
  • Patented double filtration system
  • Brew and drink coffee or tea from the same mug
  • Sugar & cream may be added to the cup
  • Comes with additional drinking lid
  • Fits in most vehicle drink holders
  • Hidden storage container holds grounds for 2 more cups
  • 6 3/4" tall

    The following is a testimonial by Matt LeClair, a digital art instructor at the University of Maine and author of "Digital Prepress Complete", "Photoshop in a Nutshell" and "Illustrator 9 for Dummies"

    "The idea is pretty simple. Take an insulated coffee mug and build in a French press, thus making it portable. Not a bad idea, really, since French presses tend to be made of glass, and are easily breakable. Planetary Design's Double Shot French Press Mug is more than this. It is a design masterpiece.

    For starters, look at the heart of any French press, the plunger mechanism. It is a patented design, far superior to any I've seen. It has a plastic flange with a built-in spring to ensure that it is constantly pressed against the side of the mug. Some French presses just use a solid plastic disc. The problem with these methods is that if the plunger tilts you wind up with coffee grounds in your drinking coffee. Planetary Designs provides the best seal I've ever seen., far more effective than others, and it is also very forgiving. No grounds even if the screen tilts.

    The lid is also well thought-out. It actually has a rubber O-ring that completely seals the lid to the mug. There's an additional screen where the coffee comes out. Fans of French presses know that you have to avoid that last swallow of coffee in the cup. This isn't an issue with the Double Shot.

    The Double-Shot is made with marine-grade stainless steel (whatever that means) and is insulated. Coffee in the Double-Shot tastes just as good as it does if I made it in my glass French press. Even better, since it doesn't have the sediment and the insulated cup keeps the coffee consistently hot, seemingly for hours, giving me time to savor the taste before the coffee goes cold."
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