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Hi-Temp Detail Products

Hi-Temp Detail Products
Hi-Temp Detail Products
Hi-Temp Detail Products have been a part of Top of the Line since the early 90's.

We could sell any professional detail line in the country. So why did we choose Hi-Temp Products? Hi-Temp is not the largest manufacturer of pro-detailing products. It's the BEST! Hi-Temp has been manufacturing detailing and body shop formulas since 1951. They were one of the first to use micro-chemical abrasive technology.

Long before other companies discovered the secret of "chemical paint leveling" versus mechanical abrasive compounding, Hi-Temp had formulated a line of paint safe, surface leveling formulas. Hi-Temp polishes, glazes, one-step cleaner waxes, and levelers will outperform other product lines, no matter the cost. They remain creamy throughout the application process. No dusting, no swirling, no clumping! These are without a doubt the best formulas you'll ever use by hand or machine.

We also admire this company's process of elimination! Hi-Temp adds new products every year, but they also weed-out the mediocre. This practice is very important. It insures that only the top performing products remain. You can count on every Hi-Temp detailing formula to be the very best you've ever used. Absolute quality, ultra safe chemicals, and easy application make Hi-Temp Products our #1 Choice for professionals and auto enthusiasts.

Hi-Temp Akrya Body Shop Formulas:

Top of the Line can special order any of Hi-Temp's Akrya products. All Akrya formulas are silicone-free. Each grit level is consistently, the smoothest in the industry, has unbelievably long shelf life, and is extremely concentrated. Akrya offers paint levelers from 2,000 to 600 grit.

Special thanks to Scott E. Pfundston of Eurocraft Custom Detailing in Knoxville, TN. This beautiful Black Mercedes S-430 was polished with Hi-Temp's #HT-61 Smooth Cut, followed by #HT-421 Midnight Express and a layer of #HT-53 Black Carnauba Paste Wax.