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Smooth Cut Polish

Smooth Cut Polish
Smooth Cut PolishSmooth Cut Polish
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Smooth Cut Polish

Smooth Cut Polish


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Smooth Cut Polish


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Smooth Cut Polish


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Product Description
Hi-Temp's Smooth Cut is the secret to a wet-look shine. High gloss comes from the perfection of the paint, not a layer of wax. This light cut swirl remover is the key to producing that "perfect" shine before you apply a protective layer of wax.

Smooth Cut remains creamy throughout the application process. No dusting, no swirling, no clumping! This is without a doubt the best pre-wax cleaner you'll ever use by hand or machine.

We sell more Smooth Cut than any other paint cleaner. Hi-Temp's remarkable formula safely wipes out buffer swirls, car wash scratches and light oxidation on any type of paint. It transforms new, or not-so-new paint into a slick, flaw-free finish.

This versatile surface prep utilizes microscopic chemical abrasives which will also restore the shine on Plexiglass and other smooth surface plastics. It will polish plastic bug shields, head and taillight lenses, exterior trim, bumpers, camper windows, and Plexiglass windshields to a high shine that feels like glass. Smooth Cut is silicone free and may be applied by hand, orbital, or rotary polisher.

Smooth Cut is capable of removing up to 2000 grit sand paper scratches, which categorizes it as a "2000 grit" leveler. No product will create more gloss than Smooth Cut! No competing product creates a more perfect paint finish for your waxes. Smooth Cut is unmatched by any product, at any price!

Application Tips:

  • Apply a small amount to clean surface using a terry, hand-held pad or a foam polisher pad.
  • Rub or buff in all directions. Swirls are curved, so you need to hit them from every angle. Continue until no product remains.
  • Lightly buff-off with a dry terry towel. No need to wash again.
  • Apply your choice of liquid or paste Carnauba, or polymer paint sealant.

    55 Chevy with original paint, detailed by Carl Suggs using: #HT-61 Smooth Cut Swirl Remover and Trade Secret Carnauba Wax.
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