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Windshield Ice Scraper

Windshield Ice Scraper
Windshield Ice ScraperWindshield Ice ScraperWindshield Ice Scraper
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Product Description

The Most Versatile Ice Scraper You'll Ever Own!

Imagine something as simple as an ice scraper that offers three different ice scraping positions. Different blade positions allow the Ice Master to tackle the worst icy conditions.

The Ice Master was developed for severe weather in Colorado, so it clears ice, frost and even cracks thick ice. The two brass blades clear more surface area and works best when used in a back and forth motion. Less time.. less effort!

Position #1 Dual Blades Apart:Two brass blades clear more frost in half the time! In this position, the both blades pivot, so a perfect angle is maintained in close work or reaching across a windshield. The flexibility of the blades also conform to the curve of the windshield. No gaps means less work.

Position #2 Dual Blades Forward: Locked in the forward position, the Ice Master works like a conventional scraper, but is stiffer and the best option for removing heavy ice.

Position #3 Stationary Center Blade: Use this blade to remove hard ice after it is cracked with the plastic teeth on the reverse side. The small size also makes it ideal for clearing side mirrors.

Option #4 Ice Breaking Teeth:Polycarbonate teeth on the back of the Center Blade crack thick ice for easier removal.

Features at a Glance:

  • Pivoting head maintains optimum angle for ice removal
  • Four ice removal options
  • Safe & easy to use
  • 3 tempered brass blades provide years of use
  • No risk of scratching glass
  • Blades lock open, closed or into dual-blade pivot
  • Brass blades flex for curved glass
  • Stores in door pocket
  • Ergonomically styled
  • Soft grip handle provides control
  • Made with durable materials
  • 1 Year Warranty

    Wearing gloves? No problem. The Ice Master removes any type of ice and is glove friendly. You can easily change the blade position and grip the textured handle while wearing gloves.