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7.5" Lake Country Kompressor Pads

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Product Description
Lake Country Kompressor Pads.. the next level in foam pad versatility!

Lake Country's new Kompressor foam pads are being hailed as the most technologically advanced polishing pads in the world! Two years ago, Lake Country Mfg. raised the bar when they introduced CCS technology. They've done it again with this revolutionary new design.

Each Lake Country Kompressor Pad starts as a block of foam, which is contour-cut on the top and bottom into a semi-arched shape. The pad face is then slotted, forming hundreds of individual "slices" of foam.

When attached to a backing plate and pressed against a vehicle's surface, the pad flattens, the many slices of foam compress and a dense working surface is created. Each foam "slice" reacts to the surface individually and never loses contact over bumpers, indentations, crevices or around body curves.

How does this help you? If you're tired of slinging product all over your car and floor, the Kompressor pads will make a real difference. This "even contact" with paint also results in fewer passes over the same area and the pads leave little residue in crevices, so there's less clean-up! It's all about saved time and results.

Differences in using Kompressor pads will be immediately evident to the first-time user or a professional.

Kompressor Pad Advantages:

  • Kompressor pads fit a 6" back plate
  • Recessed back automatically centers pad holder
  • Kompressor pads work well with rotary or orbital polishers
  • Slotted face constantly adjusts to surface contours
  • Super-durable, Lake Country extended foam construction
  • Pads retain product longer
  • Less splatter and residue build-up
  • Perfect for newer, scratch-resistant clear coats
  • Larger "Sweet Spot" increases cutting & polishing speed
  • More usable surface area
  • Slotting creates easy-cleaning

    Lake Country Kompressor Purple Compounding Pad: This is the most aggressive of the Kompressor pads. It's constructed to be close to the cutting power of wool.

    Use the purple pad to apply compounds and heavy cut swirl removers. The purple foam removes oxidation, heavy swirls, acid rain spots and most scratches when used with a high-speed rotary polisher. It can remove moderate oxidation and heavy swirls with an orbital. There is less product and oxidation build-up with the Kompressor design, which makes the job go a lot faster.

    Lake Country Kompressor White Polishing Pad: This is the most versatile Kompressor pad. This pad has mild cutting (cleaning) capability and should be used to apply medium-cut levelers, polishes and one-step cleaner waxes.

    The Kompressor Polishing pad removes swirls and light oxidation. It is especially effective with an orbital, but may be used with a rotary polisher for light oxidation.

    Lake Country Red Kompressor Finishing Pad: This Kompressor pad has no cutting capabilities. It is very soft and is used to apply paste waxes, liquid waxes and polymer sealants.

    It does a great job of spreading an even coat of paint protection around edges, over crevices and curves. No spot is missed!

    Proper Pad Care & Cleaning:

    Lake Country’s foam composition is the best in the industry. Kompressor foam pads are very durable and long-wearing, but require proper care to insure they remain in good condition.
    1. When you remove a dirty pad from your machine, immediately drop it in a bucket of car wash shampoo or Snappy Clean Pad Cleaning Powder. The slotted pad face makes Kompressor pads easy to clean.

    2. Arch the pad and you can easily use a brush or your fingers to agitate between the foam slices. (Never allow polishing products to dry on pads. Do not clean pads in dishwashing soap or laundry detergents. Do not machine wash.)

    3. Rinse thoroughly, press down on pad to remove excess water. (Do not wring or fold pad.)

    4. Allow to air dry. (Do not machine dry. Do not leave in empty bucket.)
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