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Leather Master Protection Cream

Leather Master Protection Cream
Leather Master Protection CreamLeather Master Protection Cream
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Leather Master Protection Cream

Leather Master Protection Cream


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Leather Master Protection Cream


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Product Description
Leather Master Protection Cream is a water based protector for all leather types except Nubuck. It's not a typical conditioner. It uniquely provides protection against oil, water, and alcohol based stains, as well as providing resistance to the effects of daily soiling.

Leather Protection Cream places an invisible, breathable barrier between you and and the surface of the leather. Unlike leather "conditioners", this cream will NOT make your leather shiny, sticky, or leave any type of film on the surface. It leaves your leather exactly like it was when new.

Leather Master's "Protection Cream" contains no petroleum distillates. It's natural oils, acrylic resins, and polymers protect the surface from stains and keep the hide supple.

The Leather Master System "protects" first, then suggests a routine of cleaning and re-protection. This means you are not actually cleaning the leatherís original surface, but cleaning from the surface of the protection. Since some leather is very porous, the Leather Protection Cream prevents stains from absorbing deeply into the leather and becoming impossible to remove.

Leather Protection Cream will also remove small surface scratches on Unprotected/ Non-Coated Leather. The highly versatile cream is also used as a final step of most Leather Master repair or touch-up products.

"Coated Leather" that has cracked or peeled is usually not from use, but from body oils and perspiration that have ground into the surface and are dissolving the finish. Proper cleaning with Leather Master's Soft Cleaner and protection with the Leather Cream, will insure that doesn't happen.

For "Non-Coated Leather", it is best to apply the Leather Cream twice to all the high use areas such as the left side of the driver's seat and the right side of the passenger's. It is also recommended to clean these areas more often.

We recommend fully cleaning and protecting auto interiors and furniture 3-4 times per year. It is much easier to practice prevention than it is to correct major problems after the fact.

For Leather Types:

  • A-Aniline/Non-Coated
  • P-Protected/Coated

    Application Instructions:

  • Shake the bottle well before using.
  • Pour onto a soft, lint-free cloth and wipe evenly on the surface, paying special attention to the high use areas.
  • Allow to dry 1/2 hour.
  • Apply a second layer to new, unprotected/non-coated leather.

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