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Professional Leather Repair Kit

Professional Leather Repair Kit
Professional Leather Repair KitProfessional Leather Repair Kit
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Product Description
Our Professional Leather Repair Kit comes with FREE SHIPPING!

Not just any leather repair, Leather Master leads the industry in high-end, professional leather repair formulas. Their repair products and leather dyes supply professionals all over the world. Leather Master repair products are the premier choice for multi-million dollar aircraft, luxury yachts, and exotic automobiles. Adding Leather and/or Textile Repair to your detailing business opens doors and increases opportunities in new markets.

This all inclusive kit enables our customers to perform quality repairs on-site. Now you can repair cracks, cigarette burns and even match leather grain using the finest leather products in the world.

The skills and experience of a fully-trained technician cannot be easily duplicated. However, Leather Master has developed an introductory level repair kit that address most issues associated with day to day wear on automotive leather and leather furniture.

The First Aid Repair Kit combines everything you need to match or tint and tone base colors for on-site leather color matching. You'll have all of the repair compounds, tools and a video to guide you through the process. The kit contains cleaning and protection products. Tools and products are packaged in a carrying case, so you're ready to go!

If you have an artistic eye for colors, you can literally match old or new leathers with a little practice and education from the Leather Master instructional CD.

Professional Repair Kit Includes:

  • Base Colors - (15) 50ml bottles: Color Line Pigment or "CLP" is a water-based, ready-to-use product for repairing light to medium leather cracking and fading. CLP contains self-fixing agents, which elements the need for top finishes. Properties of CLP will improve with heat and time. These colors may be used directly or mixed with toners to create a new color.

  • LM Strong Cleaner - 250ml: A water-based product, Auto Strong Cleaner is formulated to remove heavy build-up of dirt and oil from the leather surface. This cleaner also reduce odors and will not dry out the leather.

  • LM Protection Cream - 250ml: Specifically formulated for leather in automobiles, Auto Protection Cream protects against soiling, and repels water, oil and alcohol-based stains, which can cause cracking. Specially designed with a matte finish, this protection cream also supports the natural softness of the leather.

  • LM Leather Vital - 250ml: Leather Vital is an amazing, revitalizing product that maintains the balance of moisture and fat in the leather, allowing it to stay soft and supple. Ideal for auto leather restoration, Auto Leather Vital will restore the natural touch and feel of older dried, or stiff leather.

  • LM Wax On - 250ml: Wax On Revitalizer is a product for Waxed Pull-Up leathers. Wax is often applied to the surface to achieve a particular feel or effect. It often looks like crinkled wax paper. Wax On replaces the wax from the surface as it wears off. Often a center of a seat cushion looks lighter or there are fingernail marks that wonít rub out. This is from the wax coming off. Application of Wax on will solve this challenge. Wax on gives the wax pull-up leather the fats and nutrients that it needs in order to retain its suppleness and its beautiful luster.

  • LM Oleosa - 250ml: Oleosa Revitalizer is a product made for Oil Pull-Up and Oiled leathers. Oleosa gives the leather the fats and nutrients that it needs in order to retain its suppleness and its beautiful luster. Oleosa contains the same type of fat liquors used originally to give the leather its feel and effect. Oleosa also contains the same protection effect found in Leather Protection Cream. This product works great for removing surface scratches from these leather types. Oleosa may diminish the wax effects on some oil and wax pull up leathers. It is best to pretest the product on a hidden area of the leather to judge its effect on wax type pull-ups. Oleosa with Protection should be applied 1-2 times per year.

  • LM Super Remover - 50ml: Super Remover removes blue jean transfer, newspaper print and deep stains like mustard on pigmented leathers. Also removes old ball point pen ink stains.

  • LM Ink Away - 26oz: A concentrated cleaner that removes old ball-point pen marks from leather. Apply with a clean, lint free cloth, and dab over the affected area with light pressure.

  • Leather Soft Glue - 26oz: Designed to repair minor rips and tears, Leather Soft Glue is easy to apply and will remain flexible, unlike competing products. Leather Soft Glue is a solvent based formula that increases in strength with heat and pressure.

  • Leather Scratch Remover - 26oz: Leather Master Scratch Away is a product designed to erase surface scratches from Aniline Leathers. What it actually does is move the color on the Leatherís surface to hide the area where the color is missing. This is perfect for fingernail type marks and some delivery scuffs.

  • Leather Filler - 60ml: A water-based acrylic paste. Leather Filler fills scratches or any area of missing grain. Adhesion is dependent on the thickness of the application. A single, thin coat is required for proper adhesion. Leather Filler can be buffed out with fine sand paper before application of color over the filled scratch.

  • Nubuck Cleaning Cloths

  • Soft Cloth: Lint free cloths safely apply products on leather.

  • Sponges Used to "foam" the different cleaners, which reduces friction on delicate leather.

  • Hair Dryer

  • Leather Master Repair DVD: The Leather Master Repair DVD takes you step-by-step through the product applications. Easy to follow, the DVD is a great reference and refresher source.

  • Carrying Case: Includes tray, and holds all of the kit components.

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