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Leather Master Products

Leather Master Products
Leather Master Products


Leather Master Leather Care: Top of the Line introduces the first high-end furniture, automotive and clothing leather care with "repair" quality formulas. Formulas to remove scratches, ink, and blue jean dyes are offered for the first time to the American Market.

Leather Master was the first brand of leather care to offer a product kit for cleaning and conditioning. When Leather Master was introduced in 1986, the available leather formulas were mostly wax, silicone or solvent based. The Leather Master Kit contained the first user friendly formulas that were safe for all types of leather. These water-based, nontoxic, biodegradable, and dermatological-safe products are also foolproof!

It took 18 months of continuous research to develop those first two formulas. Today, Leather Master leads the industry with over 350 different leather products! All Leather Master products are manufactured in Montecchio Maggiore, Italy. The world's largest tannery, located nearby, keeps them up to date on the latest changes within the industry.

Leather Types:

Leather Master classifies according to cleaning codes and deck labels into basic categories which includes Furniture, Automotive & Clothing.

(A)-ANILINE/NON-COATED: These leathers are colored with transparent dyes which enable you to see the actual grain and markings. The most common process is to spray a wax finish on their surface which only gives short term water repellency.

To determine if your leather is "Unprotected," lightly scratch the surface to see if it reveals a lighter color, or if leather conditioners or water darken the hide.

(P)-PROTECTED/COATED: This type of leather is also known as "coated" or "painted". These leathers have aspects of a natural finish, but more uniform in appearance. The heavier pigments can create much darker colors. Protected leather has a substantial finish applied that makes the leather more resistant to heavy wear and stains. The heavier pigments and finish do affect the softness and scent, so these leathers often don't feel or smell like real leather.

To determine if your leather is Protected, lightly scratch the surface to see if it leaves a lighter color, or if cleaners and conditioners remain on the surface. Liquids will not penetrate Protected leather.

These leathers will also have a sheen or even shine. It's like looking at wood with a lacquer finish opposed to a wipe-on oil finish. These leathers are more common in the automotive industry.

(N)-NUBUCK/SUEDE: Sometimes called "Distressed", "Bomber" or "Suede" this type of leather is actually an "Unprotected" finish that has been brushed. Many confuse this finish with Suede leather. Suede is the flesh side of the hide, while Nubuck is an effect created on the grain side, making it incredibly soft. This "brushing" also makes it more absorbent than regular Aniline leathers.

Nubuck leather will have a texture similar to velvet. If you move your hand across the surface, the nap will change appearance similar to vacuuming carpet. Liquids will darken this type of leather. It is popular for home furnishings, as well as the fashion industry.

Watch for our Leather Master "Cleaning Code" on all products.

UNITERS guarantees that all of its products conform to the strictest standards of quality, reliability, performance, safety and environmental integrity. Their commitment to achieving these high standards has earned their manufacturing facility in Italy several top industry certificates including the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and the OHSAS 18001 Certification for workforce health and safety.

Their dedication to producing environmentally friendly products earned them the UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate. And in recognition of achieving all three certificates, UNITERS S.p.A. was awarded the Certificate of Excellence, the highest recognition a company can achieve with regards to Quality, Environment and Safety, and a certificate less than a hundred other companies in Italy have earned.