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Luggage Covers

Luggage Covers
Luggage CoversLuggage CoversLuggage Covers
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Luggage Covers

Luggage Covers


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Product Description


Made of durable, form-fitted neoprene, Coverlugg Luggage Protectors are washable and afford an inexpensive way to match suitcases and carry-ons. Tried of looking at a sea of black and trying to find your luggage? This is the perfect solution. Coverlugg enables you to personalize any new or existing piece of luggage. Coverlugg covers will also secure and protect luggage during the abuse of travel... and it's handsome to boot! No FREE Shipping to CANADA

Questions & Answers:

Will Coverlugg pass airport security? Yes, the Coverlugg is TSA Compliant.

What size suitcase will Coverlugg fit? There is a Coverlugg to fit most standard, carry-on and checked bags.

Is the Coverlugg easy to install? Absolutely! Simply stretch your Coverlugg over the top of the bag and slide down. It's that simple!

Is the Coverlugg durable and waterproof? The Coverlugg is made of extremely durable neoprene, the same material used in wet suits! It is waterproof and will protect your luggage in bad weather.

I’m worried about theft. Wouldn’t a luggage lock be better? Locking your luggage with TSA compliant locks is always a good idea. However, the Coverlugg provides a complete barrier to discourage prying hands. It also makes it difficult to access exterior compartments which cannot be locked.

How do I clean my Coverlugg? For best results, we recommend that hand washing or launder on the gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry. DO NOT put the covers in the dryer. Coverlugg will not shrink.

How did you come up with the idea for Coverlugg? Our developer came up with the idea as he was searching for his bag on an airport carousel. The sea of bags all looked the same. An easier way to identify luggage and add protection, was born!

Does Coverlugg come with a product guarantee? Yes, all Coverlugg products come with a year guarantee against original defects in workmanship and materials.

SMALL: for bags 20-24 inches in height (carry-on size)