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Magic Aluminum Polish

Magic Aluminum Polish
Magic Aluminum Polish
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Product Description
Aluminum Polish "Magic Mix" is our one-step aluminum polish. It is more powerful than typical over-the-counter cotton saturated, cream, or paste polishes. The secret ingredient is jeweler's rouge, a light powdered abrasive used by professional jewelers. You can actually see it in the bottle.

Magic Mix was first developed for the trucking industry. It is still widely used to polish truck gas tanks. It will even polish super-tough diamond plated running boards and tool boxes. It's a great uncomplicated aluminum polish for motorcycles, household polishing or any commercial application. Apply by hand or with a polisher. Just rub-on, wipe-off, no fuss, no muss.

If your aluminum is heavily oxidized and stained from years of neglect, we highly recommend the Rolite Heavy Cut "Pre-Polish" followed by the Magic Mix.

Application Tips

The key to using Magic Mix Metal Polish is letting it dry. If you let most other polishes dry, they are difficult to remove. With Magic Mix.. rub it on.. let it dry and dust it off.

Diamond Plate:
If you don't have a polisher, apply Magic Mix with a piece of deep pile carpet. Use another piece of carpet to dust it off.

Apply Magic Mix Metal Polish with a terry pad, or apply with a polisher and foam pad. Top with

Headlight Cover Restoration:
Clear plastic headlight lens will look new for just a few years unless the vehicle is kept under cover during the day. UV radiation and airborne grit will take its toll. The surface can become so damaged that night driving is dangerous. During the day, the lens appear “tan” in color and give the vehicle an aged appearance.

Anyone can restore their headlight covers with a little time and a few accessories. The first step is to scour the surface. This means removing the UV damaged and pitted layer. This must be accomplished using sandpaper. Ultra FINE is the key word.

Even for heavy damage, the choice should be no more aggressive than 400 grit. Using a mixture of hot, soapy water and Wet/Dry paper I would move in a side to side or up and down motion. Not both. This will make the later steps easier and the clarity will be better.

Sand (using the soapy water as lubricant) until the surface has a dull, even appearance. Change to a finer, 800 grit sandpaper. Repeat the same steps. Finally, using a very fine 1500 or 2000 grit.. repeat the steps for the last time. When the last step is completed, the plastic will have a smooth, dull (but clean) finish.

Now, apply the Magic Mix, let dry and buff with a foam cutting pad on a polisher or hand drill. Don't apply too much pressure. Buff only until the Magic Mix has disappeared, and apply a second time if needed. The plastic will once again be glossy and clear!

If you're not happy with the final outcome, re-sand the surface with the 1500 or finer grit paper and repeat the buffing process. When finished, shampoo and apply several layers of paste wax to protect the plastic from further UV damage.
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