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Optimum Compound II

Optimum Compound II
Optimum Compound IIOptimum Compound IIOptimum Compound II
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Product Description
Cuts faster & leaves a smoother finish than the original formula!

Optimum Compound II is an aggressive cutting product that leaves a swirl free, finish like a polish. No hazy, swirly marks with this product! This is possible with their polymer-encapsulated, compounding agents.

The compound also contains lubricating oils to keep the formula moist. This allows for a much longer working time, and thankfully no dusting. Whether you're using a wool pad, foam pad, orbital or high-speed polisher, the Optimum Compound II performs like magic.

Optimum Coumpound Features:

  • Removes deeper scratches & water spots
  • Can be used with wool or foam pads
  • Can be used with any polisher
  • Dust free
  • Longer working time
  • Contains no silicone or wax
  • Bodyshop safe
  • Meets all VOC regulations

    Optimum Compound II Application:

    Wool Pads: Removes up to 1200 sand scratches at 1000-1400 RPM. Faster buffing speed is not needed.

    Foam Pads: Using a medium or heavy cut foam pad, removes up to 1500 sand scratches at 1000-1400 RPM.

  • Always use enough product to create a barrier between the buffing pad and the paint surface.

  • Wipe-off residue with microfiber or terry towel.

  • Follow with Optimum Polish and wax.
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