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Optimum Poli-Seal

Optimum Poli-Seal
Optimum Poli-Seal
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Product Description
Clean, Polish & Seal in One Step!

Optimum's Poli-Seal is a revolutionary “one step” cleaner/sealant that enables car enthusiasts and professional detailers to perform light paint correction and seal paint, fiberglass and gelcoat.. IN ONE EASY APPLICATION!

Other one-step products that make claims similar to this, actually have limited correction capabilities and provide even less protection. Optimum Poli-SealTM not only removes fine swirl marks and scratches, it gives the finish real surface protection that lasts for months!

Poli-Seal is a finishing polish that may be used after the Optimum Polish or after a higher level of paint correction with the Optimum Compound. If you prefer a wax that can be applied by machine or if you enjoy hand application, you'll will love this wax. For the first time, you can have the best of both worlds. A polish to remove ugly imperfections, and an extremely durable wax that protects your car, RV, trailer, boat or aircraft through multiple seasons.

Poli-Seal Facts:

Optimum Poli-Seal, Optimum Polish and Optimum Compound form a unique relationship. The Sealant can be applied directly over the residue left by the Polish or Compound! There is no need to remove the residue from these products before applying the Poli-Seal.

Poli-Seal will absorb and remove the polish residue and leave the surface with a very thin film that wipes off like butter! That's correct. Not only will this save time and effort, but you will also perform the final polish and seal the finish, all at once.

Optimum Poli-SealTM is the most versatile, all-in-one finishing product ever introduced! This easy to use, zero dusting, buttery smooth formula will eliminate (not hide) minor imperfections and blemishes, while creating a perfect, ultra-durable shine on all types of paint and integrated finishes.

Poli-Seal Application:

  • For hand application, apply with a dampened applicator to vehicle's surface. Wait for it to haze and wipe off with towel. We prefer terry as microfiber can remove fresh wax.

  • For machine application, apply with foam polishing pad on an orbital or rotary polisher.

  • Use just enough product to lubricate your pad. Too much will not allow contact with the surface, and too little will cause drag.

  • If your vehicle has more challenging paint imperfections (scratches, acid rain damage, or heavy oxidation), use Poli-Seal after Optimum Polish or Compound.
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