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Overspray & Cement Removal

Overspray & Cement Removal
Overspray & Cement Removal
Don't let this man ruin your vehicle! Automotive Detailing Clay is a miracle!

Listen, as Top of the Line describes the difficult problems it can overcome:

Airborne contamination can be caused by several sources. Paint over spray, yellow road paint, rail dust, tree sap, and industrial fallout, are the most common. Even if you cannot see this contamination, you can certainly feel it. If you think you have a perfect finish, place plastic food wrap over your hand and rub across your paint.

All outdoor vehicles have micro contamination that no amount of scrubbing, polishing, or even compounding will remove. These "specks" are embedded in the paint, not just sitting on the surface.

Paint Over Spray is the most recognized. Until a few years ago, removing over spray was a tedious, and often, non-successful process of compounding and paint thinners. Both of these remedies are harmful to the vehicle's paint and often the person applying them.

Highway Road Paint splatter is a huge problem with just about everyone. The yellow or white splatter is a nightmare to remove without harming the vehicle's paint. Sprayway's Industrial Strength wipes are technically a graffiti remover, but work just as well on road paint.

Industrial Fallout is another term for air pollution. This is most widely seen as dark specks on light colored vehicles, or gray specks on dark colors. It is frequently found on cars parked near factories, airports, or in large industrial cities.

Rail Dust is the most uncommon. Ultra fine metal shavings are released into the air as metal train wheels grind over metal rails. This contamination is easy to spot. Look for rust colored specks on light vehicles.

A few years ago, a miracle product, developed in Japan, turned the detailing and body shop industry upside down. No more buffing and rubbing, no more caustic solvents! What on earth could remove these extremely stubborn contaminants in a blink of an eye? A little bar of clay. That's right, all it takes is a simple process of grabbing the specks, and pulling them off the surface.

Our newest product for Cement or Concrete Removal is the only one available in the industry!
Cement Remover Gallon

Cement Remover Gallon

Sale Price: $20.00