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Renovo Plastic Window Polish

Renovo Plastic Window Polish
Renovo Plastic Window PolishRenovo Plastic Window Polish
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Product Description
Add the Renovo Plastic Polish to your Renovo Convertible Care Collection!

Cloudy or discolored plastic windows can ruin a newly restored canvas top. Renovo Plastic Polish will restore that plastic and finish the job to your satisfaction.

Every time the soft-top is opened or closed, microscopic scratches are formed on the plastic rear screen, making it difficult to see through. Not only will this polish renew flexible plastic, you can use it on rigid plastic surfaces, as well.

  • For light aircraft, dust, rain & hail ensure cloudy vision.
  • For boat wind screens & yacht portholes, salt water and sun erode plastic.
  • For bike windscreens & helmet visors, insects, dust & sand will mar plastic.
  • For home outdoor furniture, sun and weather will dull plastic.

    This amazing plastic window polish:

    Restores transparency, removes cloudiness

    Reduces scratches and staining

    Cleans and conditions in minutes

    Just polish it on and polish it off

    Plastic Window Cleaner Application:

  • Wash plastic using a soft cloth to remove dust particles.
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly.
  • Apply the polish with a soft cloth or sponge, using light pressure in circular movements. (Apply more pressure on areas which are scratched)
  • Apply to the entire window. (Add small quantities of polish frequently, rather than a large amount all at once)
  • Let dry and then buff, using a clean soft cloth.
  • Polish both the interior and exterior of the window.

    Please Note: Renovo Plastic Window Polish will not remove clarity defects that are within the plastic but it will remove external/surface scratching and yellowing. Renovo Plastic Window Cleaner can be used to clean and condition rigid as well as flexible plastic but is not suitable for use on glass.

    Renovo Plastic Window Polish Testimonials

    Classic Motor Monthly "Renovo On Test"

    The packaging says "The definitive Plastic Window Polish". Oh yeah? Well actually, if not THE definitive polish (I struggle to award 10 out of 10, it's pretty darned close to it ....probably 9.5 out of 10. It's quite rare that I test a product that's as good as it boasts, especially when, like RENOVO's, those boasts are plastered all over the bottle. But, bless me, RENOVO works. Not only does it remove scratches from perspex and plastic rear hood windows, it's easy to do.

    Classic Boat Magazine "Spray Hoods are Wonderful Things"

    They keep you inside in the dry, yet you can still see out through the clear plastic panels. Until the plastic becomes scratched by the continuous folding up and down of the wood, and ultra-violet rays make the panels go cloudy. This new product from Renovo aims to put that right by removing cloudiness and scratches, using a simple polish-on, polish-off process. I tried the stuff on the corner sections of my wheelhouse windows, which are curved and, therefore, perspex and which were very cloudy. I admit I was skeptical. After all, the perspex is 3/16in (8mm) thick and much tougher than the flexible panels one finds in a hood. However, I've gone over them twice and there is a dramatic improvement - I reckon a third dose will restore them to close to their original clarity. At the price it's a lot cheaper and easier than new windows or hood.

    Jeff Howlett

    Pilot Magazine "Renovo Polish"

    Renovo's Plastic Window Polish is now beginning to establish itself as an aviation product for cleaning and polishing perspex cockpit canopies and windshields. As soon as you start to use a light airplane the windshield quickly loses some of the wonderful clarity it had when new. Once it has been dusted a few times, washed down, and battered by hail, it begins to develop microscopic scratches. Landing into a low sun makes it impossible to see straight ahead. There are many products on the market to polish plastics but not all are ideal for airplane canopies. Renovo Window Polish, to judge from the testing I have done, fills the bill pretty well. I've used it on a well-worn, 25 year old windshield of a Gruman AA-5 and I could easily see just what a distinct improvement the Renovo polish made to pilot vision, 'healing' many of the hairline scratches. The result is quite amazing; it isn't 'as new' but it is very much the better for its treatment.

    If you are one of those pilots who use a waterproof cover to protect their airplanes, you might well be interested in a few other Renovo products. These include a Cleaner that shifts bird-droppings, salt, leaf-gum, and general gunge from the aircraft cover with ease and without harming its waterproofing; an Ultra Proofer that reproofs the cover and contains an ultra-violet inhibitor and resists mold and mildew; and a Color Reviver to smarten the appearance of your parked aircraft.
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