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RV Metal Polishing

RV Metal Polishing

Top of the Line has been a supplier of metal polishing products and equipment for many years. We have been a top supplier for Airstream enthusiasts for more than 4 years. In fact, we sell so much aluminum polish, we designed several packages just for metal polishing.

Did you know that if you polish aluminum long enough, it will look like chrome? I don't recommend doing it without an electric polisher. A mirror finish requires three separate steps of polishing & wiping. A 35 foot trailer is NOT something you want to polish by hand.

Successful aluminum polishing requires a specific polisher pad set-up. Quick results require professional quality polishes. Top of the Line's polisher "packages" are designed with this in mind. We offer a package complete with electrical polisher, pads, polishes, and a long term sealant wax. Polymer sealants are the only sensible solution to prevent metal oxidation.

Clear lacquer was commonly used to coat aluminum in the 70's, and is still on a great number of vintage trailers today. This practice was a failure as the metal eventually oxidizes under the paint, leaving no access for polishing. Top of the line now stocks a safe, highly effective paint remover you can use at home with a little scraping and a pressure wash. It solves a difficult job with a non-toxic, water-soluble chemical.

Some RV's have chrome wheels or body trim. Chrome requires a more aggressive polish that cannot be used on aluminum.

Use the same tools to wash and dry aluminum that you would use for your car. Aluminum scratches with very pressure, so always use ultra soft brushes, mitts and towels. We especially like using our large air mover to quick dry metal. It prevents spotting on hard to reach areas.

Don't be afraid to tackle a polishing job yourself. If you have the right polishes and tools, the job can be done in a couple of weekends. Once the initial restoration has been done, yearly maintenance is easy.
Detail Brush Dual-Head

Detail Brush Dual-Head

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