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Surf City Grime Destroyer

Surf City Grime Destroyer
Surf City Grime DestroyerSurf City Grime Destroyer
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Product Description
Blast It Off With Grime Destroyer!

Insects.. Tar.. Salt.. Road Grime. They wreck your paint, plastic and aluminum. Whether you're traveling through the desert, fighting "love bugs" in the South, or battling chemicals in the Northeast, Road Trip Grime Destroyer terminates the pollutants on contact.

Insect acid continues to etch a crater into your paint long after the bug has vanished. Tar and sap bond to your car like a "mother-in-law to a newly-wedded bride!" Salt and other deicing chemicals are your worst nightmare.

There's only one way to restore your car to showroom condition: Road Trip Grime Destroyer. In 30 seconds, this 100% safe, spray-on gel attacks the grime's molecular bond and neutralizes insect acid. In fact, it destroys all grime, no matter the source.

Grime Destroyer Features:

  • Industrial strength formula
  • Dissolves ground-in grime and neutralizes acid.
  • Easy spray-on and rinse-off action
  • Preserves paint and chrome

    Extremely Fast & Easy Application!

  • Spray directly on surface grime.
  • Wait 30 seconds.
  • Simply rinse off.

    For extreme grime, lightly rub with a sponge on application.

  • For a quick gloss, follow with Speed Demon Wax Detailer.
  • For the deepest gloss, wash and wax with Pacific Blue, and follow with Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax.

    "The Surf City Garage Guarantee - When used as directed, if this product isn't the best you've ever tried, give me a call and I'll buy it back...Tim Miller, Founder of Surf City Garage"
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