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Trade Secret Carnauba Wax

Trade Secret Carnauba Wax
Trade Secret Carnauba WaxTrade Secret Carnauba Wax
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Product Description
Trade Secret Carnauba Wax is in a league of its own, and second to none. Our new formula contains the latest gloss enhancers, UV protection technology, and still retains its ultra-ease of application.

"I recently purchased your Trade Secret Wax. (I've been using Zymol Titanium for at least 10 years) A friend of mine recommend your products and spoke very highly of the shine and protection. I've put 2 coats of Trade Secret on my 2000 Dodge Dakota and I must say, I'm very impressed thus far. I also put 2 coats on my wife's 2005 Nissan Maxima SL. The shine on my wife's car is amazing.

Update 5-26-11: I recently purchased my wife a 2011 Ford Explorer Bordeaux Red in color (Dark Cherry). I told my wife to give me a few days to wash and wax the vehicle. I applied 4 coats of Trade Secret and I was flabbergasted at the shine! The truck looks wet and the compliments I'm getting from neighbors and friends solidifies switching from Zymol to Trade Secret. You have a customer for life. Thanks for providing such a high quality product at an awesome price."


Robert Polk Wichita, Kansas

When words are not enough, we have JEFF CULLUP'S photos of his blazing blue Acura's flawless finish. The blinding gloss was achieved with our #HT-61 "Smooth Cut" Swirl Remover and "Trade Secret" Carnauba Wax.

Top of the Line "Trade Secret" Carnauba Wax is so near perfection, it's hard to believe. Every application is flawless, even on black! Lavish amounts of Brazilian Carnauba bathe the paint in a slick, wet-look gloss. Trade Secret wipes on and off in seconds with absolutely no hazing or streaking.

This remarkable carnauba wax may be layered for optimal effect and durability. Show vehicles are commonly layered with 15 to 20 coats, with each layer deepening the color. You'll never use another wax on black vehicles. Trade Secret carnauba wax will not streak or leave white residue. It will so transform your waxing process, you will look forward to applying it! Black and other dark colors will never again be a problem. Trade Secret's white carnauba literally deepens a vehicle's color with each layer.

"Trade Secret" is a truly perfect blend of the purest, White Brazilian Carnauba for depth of gloss, the latest high-tech polymers to extend durability, UV inhibitors to protect the paint, and even a sumptuous new look. Each jar will provide 30 to 50 applications, and is quite reasonably priced.


  • Pre-clean the paint with our Hi-Temp polishes, Optimum Polish or the P21S Paintwork Cleaner. You may do this by hand or with a machine.

  • Remove cleaner with a terry towel or a polisher with terry bonnets. (You do not need to re-wash the vehicle.)

  • Apply an extremely small amount of the wax to a 2ft. x 2ft, area with the foam applicator (included).

  • Wait for 30-45 seconds, and gently buff-off just as it starts to haze. Do not let it dry. (Wait just a few minutes on windy days.)

  • The wax may be applied any number of times to create ultimate depth and durability. It is best to allow at least 24 hours between coats.
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