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Bubble Bath Shampoo

Bubble Bath Shampoo
Bubble Bath Shampoo
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Bubble Bath Shampoo

Bubble Bath Shampoo


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Bubble Bath Shampoo


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Product Description
Some auto shampoos can strip your wax right down the drain! Some are formulated with strong grease cutting detergents and are ideal for fleet vehicles, but not your car.

Top of the Line's "Bubble Bath" removes dirt and grime, but not the wax. It's non-spotting formula contains no harsh detergents, solvents, or sodium. It also produces high foam which lasts the entire wash.

"Bubble Bath" may be used by hand, with only 2 oz. per 3 gallon bucket, or fed through your pressure washer. This is a truly great shampoo at an incredible price. No matter how much you spend for a shampoo, it won't out-perform Bubble Bath!

California customers may ONLY order the GALLON CONTAINER, due to new container recycling requirements.
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