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Travel Cleaning Kit

Travel Cleaning Kit
Travel Cleaning Kit
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Product Description
This clever, travel cleaning kit has everything you need to keep clean on the road. The handy mesh Storage Bag contains a regular size Travel Towel (27" x 10") for every drying need; a rugged, yet gentle Wash Cloth (10" x 10") and a 2 oz. bottle of concentrated, environmentally friendly Bath Soap & Shampoo.

Don't leave home without a Clean Kit. Take it in the car, on the plane, or any outdoor activity.

The Travel Towel is a natural and environmentally friendly fabric called Viscose, we like to think of it as the fabric for the new millennium.

Viscose absorbs up to ten times its weight in liquid, releasing over 92% when wrung out. The secret is in the thousands of tiny air cells in the material which trap liquid rather that absorbing it. So even when Viscose seems soaked, simply wring it out and it's ready to dry again and again.

The fabric is versatile, durable, machine-washable, and even gets softer the more you use it. It's also better for polishing than chamois. With all that going for it, it's no wonder we've got disposable wipes and terrycloth throwing in the towel!