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Exterior Trim Coating

Exterior Trim Coating
Exterior Trim CoatingExterior Trim CoatingExterior Trim Coating
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Exterior Trim Coating

Exterior Trim Coating

PS-3620-A (11oz aerosol

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Exterior Trim Coating

PS-3620-4 (32oz

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Product Description
A new Auto Trim Restorer!!

PermaShine Textured Plastic Restorer & Protectant is a brush, or spray-on, permanent coating that protects textured, automotive cladding & trim from UV damage, and restores those already faded. PermaShine sticks so well to the surface, a pressure washer cannot blow it off! This is not a dressing that washes-off. It is a coating that lasts for months.

PermaShine Features:

  • PermaShine is unique. It has no competitors in this market.
  • PermaShine is not a short-lived, silicone dressing. It is a coating.
  • PermaShine's adhesion is so strong, it cannot be removed with a pressure washer
  • PermaShine can be used on any color textured plastic or trim
  • PermaShine provides built-in UV protection
  • PermaShine may be sprayed, or rolled-on
  • PermaShine is a 1K product, with no waste. Unused product may be returned to the can.

    PermaShine Application

    Remove anything that prevents PermaShine from sticking. Clean the plastic with soap and water. If that doesn't remove wax or dressing build-up, bugs, etc. clean with a citrus based cleaner or our Wax Blaster.

    Mask off areas next to the plastic before PermaShine application.

    Roll-On Method:

  • Clean plastic as described above.
  • Shake can well.
  • Pour about 4 fl. oz. (115 ml) of PermaShine into a roller tray. Use a painter's foam brush to apply around edges and tight areas. Use appropriate sized roller to apply on broad areas.
  • Use very little product on roller. First coat may have bubbles. Work these areas a second time without reapplying product to roller.
  • Product sets up quickly, so work on a small area at a time. Applying more than one coat will cause variation in shine and appearance.

    Spray-On Method: (Out of Stock)

  • Clean plastic as described above and mask to prevent overspray.
  • PermiShine is ready to spray. Apply with an HVLP gun with a 1.0 - 1.3 mm tip for larger jobs, or the aerosol can.
  • Pour unused portion back into the can and clean the gun with lacquer thinner.

    This product is VOC compliant.

    Aerosol containers cannot ship by air.
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