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Wheel Buffing Tool

Wheel Buffing Tool
Wheel Buffing ToolWheel Buffing ToolWheel Buffing Tool
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Product Description
The “Shine Pro” Buffing Tool polishes extra large wheels on big trucks and motor homes. Finish tedious jobs in minutes instead of hours!

Polish chrome and aluminum areas on trucks, motor homes, campers, horse trailers, boats or any vehicle with metal surfaces. Areas defined as wheels, body armor, sinks, bumpers, etc. The Shine Pro is made of easy-care, synthetic wool and may also be used to polish granite, tile, Corian or other hard surfaces. Shine Pro will not scratch or damage these materials, however, as with any buffing device, prolonged use in one spot can damage paint or clear coat toppings.

Using Shine Pro

Simply insert the Shine Pro into a chuck of any 3/8” or larger drill. (We recommend a battery powered drill to avoid any possible ELECTRICAL SHOCK.) Place one hand on the drill and the other on the tool’s slip ring for maximum control.

Pushing slightly forward on the slip ring will give you better control and eliminate excessive wear on the tool’s end cap. The hollow cavity at the top of the Shine Pro is designed to fit over lug nut covers.

If the slip ring should become hot, due to excessive pressure application, let the tool cool. We recommend alternating the tool’s rotation (from forward to reverse) to minimize excessive wear.

Note: Use care when changing wool heads to avoid damaging glued-on foam pad underneath the wool. Place the tool securely in a vise or between your knees, with the wool head facing up. Using both hands, stretch the elastic band of the wool over the foam, being careful not to tear the foam. The foam provides shape and padding for the wool.

Shine Pro Care

When polishing is finished, run or soak the Shine Pro tool in a bucket of clean water and let it dry. Do not allow polish to dry on the wool. If the wool is extremely soiled, carefully remove the head from the tool (without disturbing the foam underneath) and wash it in liquid soap, mild degreaser, or our buffing pad cleaner.
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