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Wheel Shield Protectant

Wheel Shield Protectant
Wheel Shield Protectant
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Product Description

Wheel Shield is a non-stick, invisible coating that outlasts all other wheel protectants. Wheel Shield Spray makes it difficult for brake dust, road grime, oil and winter chemicals to stick to your wheels. Any dirt and brake dust left on wheels, wipes away without scrubbing. You only need a wet sponge or cloth to clean wheels. Wheels always look great, and never need to be polished. Wheel Shield also protects wheel wax, and freshly polished aluminum.

Wheel Shield is a water based product designed to coat and protect all types of wheels and wheel covers. It is non-hazardous, non-flammable and can handle high heat from any wheel without breaking down. To apply, simply spray on to a clean and dry wheel and let it dry. That's it!


  • Total protection from brake dust, road tar, rust, corrosion and winter chemicals (mag chloride).
  • Protects polished aluminum.
  • Repels 60% of all brake dust.
  • Dust and dirt wipe off with damp cloth.


    1. Shake well.
    2. Clean and dry wheels.
    3. Apply even coating and allow to dry.
    4. If fog appears, buff with a soft cloth.
    5. If not perfect, spray a little Wheel Shield to cloth and buff again.
    6. Do not use wheel cleaners or pressure washers after applying Wheel Shield.
    7. As with all sealants, we suggest application every 6 months.
    Street Thunder Magazine tested Wheel Shield with their garage testing program. With resounding results of 98% approval. "Everyone agreed that Wheel Shield was repelling over 60% of the brake dust (the balance just washing off with the garden hose). It keeps wheels cleaner longer, while making them easy to clean."