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Extra Wide Rear View Mirror

Extra Wide Rear View Mirror
Extra Wide Rear View MirrorExtra Wide Rear View Mirror
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Product Description
Our Wide Rear View Mirror was chosen for our owner's own vehicle! Wow! What a difference it makes in your driving experience. For the first time, you can see through all the windows in your car, van or SUV at the same time, from the same mirror. It's simply unbelievable, and we guarantee it will be "love at first view!"

With standard rear view mirror set-ups, you don't know for sure if it is safe to change lanes; you can only guess. That's because you see three separate views of the road and your surroundings.

The Smart-Clip ALLVIEW Mirror gives you a complete and seamless full rear traffic view of the road scene around your vehicle just like the mirrors used in race cars. Now you can see everything behind your car, left, right and center all at the same time. Make safe and accurate lane changes, merge and exit freeways without guesswork and without turning your head.

The advanced ALLVIEW Optical Technology gives motorists an accurate view based on distance, speed and time.

See All
Know how to maintain your position properly and safely in relation to other vehicles without turning your head.

See Well
Judge accurately what you see, eliminating the guesswork for safe and accurate lane changes.

See Fast
Know how to complete your driving maneuvers instantly.

Wide View Mirror Benefits:

  • Eliminates blind spots on both sides
  • Offsets visual distortion
  • Reduces glare up to 50%
  • Ensures safe and accurate lane changes without guesswork
  • Safer freeway merges
  • Greatly enhances backup visibility
  • Helps prevent driving fatigue
  • Huge benefit to older and disabled drivers
  • Great aid for inexperienced drivers
  • Invaluable for track racing!

    Wide View Mirror Features:

  • Universal fit
  • Installs in seconds
  • No tools required
  • Clips on your existing mirror
  • Vibration-free
  • Shatterproof
  • 15 3/4" x 2 1/5"

    The ALLVIEW Mirror is the only patented safety mirror proven by professional NASCAR drivers!
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