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8.5" Wool Pads

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Product Description
Our Wool Polisher Pads are for large, rotary machines, such as the Makita or Flex.

Choose from our 8.5" Lake Country 100% wool cutting and polishing pads. Lake Country wool pads have a velcro back and are constructed of high grade wool fiber and a special polymer backing material to ensure performance, durability and value.

The addition of SURLYN thermoplastic polymer backing adds tremendous strength, even when subjected to tough use with abrasives and extreme temperatures. SURLYN is so tough it's widely used for golf ball covers and bulletproof glass!

SURLYN backed pads last twice as long as conventional pads. When coupled with Lake Country's exclusive array of specially selected fibers, they will out-perform any pad in the industry.

No Burn Wool Cutting Pads: 4 ply twisted wool pads are designed and constructed for heavy oxidation on paint, fiberglass or aluminum. Use with heavy cut compounds, paint levelers and metal polishes.

The twisted tufts, which resemble rope, are more aggressive than single or untwisted strands. During the buffing process, the compound attaches itself to the twisted tufts producing a bristle type action.

Rockwool Polishing Pads: Our Lake Country Rockwool pads are 100% knitted wool. The knitting process results in a denser pad with a plush, ultra fine texture. Knitted pads are designed to refine the finish by eliminating surface swirls or light oxidation. Our rockwool pads may be used on paint, fiberglass, or metal. Use this pad with "medium cut" paint levelers, polishes, swirl removers and metal polishes.

Proper Wool Pad Care:

Cleaning is especially important in achieving optimum pad performance. As the pad becomes overloaded with compound, it can become too aggressive and cause scratching. In contrast, as the tufts on twisted wool pads unravel, the pad becomes less aggressive and performance is reduced.

All pads have a performance cycle, meaning you will get the desired results only to a certain point. That point of declining performance is typically caused by compound overload. With proper cleaning this situation can be avoided. Regular cleaning and conditioning improves performance and extends the useful life of the pads.

Make it a practice to periodically check the pad during the buffing process. Clean the pad when the pad surface begins to glaze over from compound/polish build-up. We also recommend cleaning the pad prior to storage.

The quickest and most efficient method of cleaning your wool or foam pads is our buffer powered System 2000 Pad Washer. It effectively cleans and conditions both foam and wool pads in just 30 seconds!

Do not allow products to dry in the pads. Drop them in the bucket of car wash soap as soon as you are finished with each pad. This allows them to soak before they are washed. Do not wring or twist the pads. Snappy Clean Citrus Degreaser is a concentrated cleaning solution for our Polisher Pad Washer. The strong formula quickly dissolves chemical build-up in wool and foam polisher pads.

(The 8.5" Lake Country Wool Pads require our 7.5" Velcro Pad Holder.)
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