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XO Organic Odor Remover

XO Organic Odor Remover
XO Organic Odor RemoverXO Organic Odor Remover
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XO Organic Odor Remover

XO Organic Odor Remover


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XO Super Concentrate


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Product Description


Our first 100% biodegradable, all-purpose odor remover neutralizer! This product is nothing short of remarkable. Top of the Line already has an extensive selection of odor removal products, so why would we want to add another? Because this one can be used to clean and deodorize just about anything. This means you can use it in your vehicles, home, office kennels, barns, and best of all, it's completely safe to touch and breathe!

For over 20 years, X-O has been a core product in the veterinary, medical, and janitorial, and trucking industries. It is NOT a masking agent; it contains NO enzymes or harsh chemicals. It is the only neutralizer that works for all types of odors. It is the only formula you can apply directly to your pet's skin, or use in an enclosed area.

X-O Cleaner & Odor Neutralizer is made from essential oils harvested from plant material (herbs, shrubs and trees). The natural ingredients provide a level of effectiveness and safety not found in regular odor removal products.

How does X-O differ from competing products?

  • X-O eliminates all odors within seconds of application
  • X-O's pleasant scent also disappears shortly after application
  • X-O's ingredients are non-toxic, non-corrosive, nonflammable, biodegradable
  • X-O is natural and organic
  • X-O is safe to use on all surfaces

    X-O is in a different category than ordinary room fresheners and cleaners, which simply attempt to mask odors with their own scent. Since X-O is all-natural, it's people, pet and environmental friendly.

    X-O Applications:

  • Cleans all washable surfaces
  • Eliminates all types of odors
  • Apply directly to floors and carpets
  • Add to your extractor solution or your mop bucket
  • Apply directly on your pets (especially good for skunk odor)
  • Clean sick rooms, nurseries, bathrooms, fireplaces, kitchens
  • Deodorize truck cab sleepers, RVs, campers, boats, aircraft
  • Deodorize diaper pails, garbage cans, litter boxes, mattresses
  • Spray into air vents or on air filters

    Super Odor? Get the X-O Super Concentrate/Cleaner to wipe it out!

    Direct sprays by a skunk, or decaying meat contamination may require a more powerful formula. X-O concentrate may be diluted, or used in it's concentrated form. X-O Concentrate is still completely safe for use on pets.

    Cigarette Smoke & Mildew:

    Spray inside vehicle or boat cabin, close doors and windows.

    Skunk, Vomit and Diaper Odors:

    Remove odor source, spray into the interior of the vehicle, close doors and windows.

    Decomposition, Fish, Food and Waste:

    Remove odor source, clean stains with XO, spray interior thoroughly, close doors and windows and allow to stand in the sun.


    Use 1 oz. per gallon of water by hand or in professional extractor.

    RV Toilet & Boat Head:

    Use 4 oz. per gallon of flush liquid.

    The unique, non-toxic way to clean all surfaces and neutralize every odor, every time!
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